(G)GP- stock at your farm

The GENmatch programme guarantees balanced breeding for safe in-house multiplication of breeding pigs. GENmatch allows producers to reduce the introduction of breeding animals, without losing fast genetic progress. GENmatch provides genetic improvement allowing the production of pig meat at lowest cost. GENmatch has two key spearheads: products and services;


A single introduction of a GGP- or a GP-herd is a great step forward in a developed breeding programme to improve the genetic capacity of a productive stock. Once the basic herd is available, only semen from the best boars must be supplied to maximize economic return. Worldwide presence, uniform selection procedures and exchange of semen between nucleus herds of RA-SE Genetics assure that only the best boars will be sent out.


A team of specialists will help and train your staff with on-farm selection procedures. This approach allows partners to find the right balance between economic return and genetic costs.