About us


For more than 50 years we have been improving our pig lines with passion and patience, generation after generation. You can find the most muscled horses and cattle in Belgium, but also the most muscled pigs! As a Belgian breeding company, it is also in our DNA to pay special attention to exterior and muscling , both in our sire lines and sow lines. But of course the contemporary selection goes so much further ...

Attention is paid to prolificacy, sustainability, animal welfare, ecological footprint, nutritional value for the consumer, .... This varied pallet of characteristics to be improved requires a series of selection criteria and sophisticated procedures, supported by the most advanced technology. This know-how, combined with a strategic collaboration with our partners Rattlerow Farms (UK) and Choice (FR, USA), results in a range of breeding pigs that guarantee homogeneous and efficient production, even under the most intensive conditions. These genetics pay off under all circumstances and profiles themselves as EASY2MANAGE.

Health first! As with our partners Rattlerow Farms and Choice , SPF production (free of all economically important pig pathogens ) is the standard within the company for the pure lines. The location of the nucleus farms in regions with low pig density and strict sanitary protocols should keep the risk of the introduction of pathogens in our breeding farms as low as possible. A well thought-out vaccination and adaptation program ensures that our ‘high health’ animals can adapt to the health level of our customers. Today you can find our very healthy breeding pigs in more than 20 countries.